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We believe our company operates at its best through collaborative work. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of marketing by helping big brands and making clients happy for years.

Founded in 2018, AdStamp.io has come a long way from its beginnings. Our passion for cutting edge technology drove us to create a company that values adaptability, expertise & performance. Our promise is to deliver tools for clients of all sizes and give them the ability to grow, monetize and manage their mobile ad-campaigns.

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We're a team

We strive for growth by sharing the same goal across our worldwide team and ensuring our culture of greatness and perfection remains the same as we develop.

We're Punctual

We’re precise and fast when it comes to taking actions. Our multivariate techniques allow us to deliver fast, high end results that will turn cost into profit in no time.

We're responsible

Always acting with preventiveness, we take risks upon ourselves ensuring that our team of experts will always deliver the quality needed for a brand to grow big.

We're Friendly

Grab a cup of coffee with us! We’re interested in learning more about your business and how we can help drive success for you. Check our upcoming conferences and book a slot with our team.

Happy Clients
Campaigns Managed
30+ Verticals Covered
150+ Countries Operating
Premium Inventory

With a full range of five-star apps for work and play drawing in a base of high quality users. Take advantage of our in-app media solutions and be a part of our users’ rich experience.

In-App Advertising

Smartphone users aren’t letting our favourite apps out of their sight. Get your brand to make a mark through our seamless native ad placements and full in-app integration opportunities.

Video Advertising

With ever-faster networks and smarter devices, mobile video is an everywhere luxury. AdStamp can offer the best in video advertising opportunities, reaching users anyplace, anytime, in a premium and brand-safe experience.

Complete Transparency

While accessing a variety of publishers, we make sure you’ll never miss out a single information about them. Optimise, whitelist and create your portfolio of traffic sources in order to reach your needs. Even the most demanding ones.

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